Icone passe-cableOUR 2 TYPES OF PROTECTION

The cable management system is a temporary technical solution installed above road and/or rail tracks. Its primary function is to ensure the safety of a possible risk of falling cables when unwinding high voltage lines. We offer 2 types of protection:

Grue potain Passe-Câbles

Tower Crane

  • Provision of Potain tower cranes equipped with "Stop cable fall" protection at the end of the antenna. In addition, an option to install nets between the antennas (assembly and provision of the Cable Passer).
  • A feasibility study of the client's needs: the client must provide the characteristics of his project (creation of a line, maintenance, etc.). The location of the site with a longitudinal profile plan of the site. The date and duration of the work and the type of structure to be protected. A preliminary visit to the site is planned to take measurements (dimensioning), determine the necessary equipment and the feasibility of the project. We make commercial offers adapted to the client's needs.

  • The PCW65 Cable Passer, designed by POTAIN, is based on a MDT 269 tower crane. Specially designed for high protection works (max. 45 meters), and equipped with a protection platform from 25m to 65 meters and a width of 17 meters; equipment working without support leg. 5 machines of this type are currently available.

Liebherr Mobile Crane

  • The MKS cable management system came out of a private design office, but was validated by the Liebherr design office. We had the agreement of the German manufacturer to adapt the cable management system on the basis of a 100 ton telescopic crane (LTM 1100).
  • Height from 8 to 25 metres.
  • A 40-metre footbridge that allows passage from one side to the other.
  • MKS with one foot. Please contact us for further technical and financial information.

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