Jean-Jacques VERNAZZA, his father, had created the company in 1942, initially based on the maritime transit activity and handling, but it is Christian-Jacques VERNAZZA who will concretize the diversification of the family company.

Christian Jacques Vernazza

First, towards the lifting in 1973, with the creation of MEDIACO LEVAGE, and after towards the storage and the port logistics, in 1988, via a subsidiary, MEDIACO VRAC.

Dynamic business manager, by his persisted work he knew how to develop and diversify the activities of his Group present in all France, and international.

Very attached to the city of Marseille, he wanted to keep the head office of the Group there, where he was known and estimated by all. He occupied several representative functions in Marseille, Paris and abroad, within which he militated.

Memorial Christian Jacques Vernazza

  • President of the ESTA (European Association of abnormal road transport and mobile cranes) in LEIDEN ( NL) where Christian Jacques VERNAZZA introduced and developed a cooperation at the world level.
  • Vice-president of the U.F.L. (French Union of the Lifting) in Paris 
  • Member of the Trade and Industrial Chamber of Marseille.
  • Consultative Member of the council of la Banque de France in Marseille.
  • Elected Entrepreneur of year 2012 in Marseille.

Sportive, generous, respected by all his collaborators, he has known how to integrate his children, in the Group management for many years.