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First network in France in Lifting and Handling.

Mediaco, leader in lifting and handling


The MEDIACO group, number 1 in lifting and handling, has 3,000 pieces of equipment, including 830 cranes ranging from 30 to 1,200 tons, spread over 80 agencies in France.

Mediaco, 80 agencies at your service


Through its network of 80 local agencies and its teams of professionals, the MEDIACO group offers two types of services governed by the general conditions of the UFL (French Lifting Union): the rental of mobile cranes, crawlers and self-propelled cranes or the provision of services with overall management of lifting operations.

  • Rental or service of lifting and handling
  • Assembly and installation of new equipment,
  • Handling of machine tools and boilers,
  • Dismantling, deconstruction,
  • Installations and transfers of machines and production units,
  • Design and implementation studies of industrial projects.

The design office


MEDIACO LEVAGE has a design office in charge of evaluating all the calculations, plans, expertise and technical follow-up of the group's projects. Elaborate computer systems and a highly mobile team support project studies in the field and contribute to the respect of safety protocols. 

Grue de levage