Through its network of 85 local agencies and its teams of professionals, the MEDIACO group offers two types of services governed by the general conditions of the UFL (French Lifting Union).

Rental of equipment, cranes and trucks.

  • The renting client who hires a lifting equipment is solely responsible for the good progress of the operations. He himself appoints a foreman who will be responsible for the proper execution of the lifting operations and for giving instructions to the crane operator in this respect. 
  • A crane made available with a driver-crane operator placed under the effective authority of the hirer who has complete control of the operations and to whom the subordination link is transferred. The hirer acquires the quality of person in charge of the driving personnel.


Service delivery  :


MEDIACO LEVAGE takes charge of the lifting to be carried out and ensures the control and responsibility of the lifting operation.

In addition to the equipment and its driver, MEDIACO provides in this  contract :

- A foreman who directs and supervises the lifting operation.

- The site studies with establishment of the certificate of adequacy.



The Design Office


The design office is based at the MEDIACO group headquarters. It elaborates all the studies, calculations, plans, expertise and technical follow-up of the group's projects, to carry out global lifting and handling operations in all sectors of activity (petrochemicals, chemicals, building, industry, civil engineering, nuclear, energy).

All the studies are elaborated with computer tools, by a very mobile team supporting the experience and the competence of our field teams in the respect of the safety rules.

Le groupe Mediaco est une entreprise de levage