MEDIACO deals as priority with quality, security, health and environment in all its developments. Supplying a quality of work with safety, with the respect of people and goods, represents the main priority for MEDIACO.

HQSE Mediaco Group

Involved since more than 20 years in the setting up of an integrated quality system, security, healthy and environment, MEDIACO meets the requirements of :

  • MASE
  • nuclear security UTO EDF
  • SNCF 02311

These certifications confirm MEDIACO's know-how but also the will to progress with the commitment of all the actors, an essential condition for success.

Therefore MEDIACO rises up its demands and involves itself more accurately in harmonization and evolution of security norms that are governing our industry and its environment :

  • Promoting the guidance “good practices” in lifting and handling by information, communication to its client and different partners.
  • Keeping modernizing of it park of material, with renewal programs, ensuring the security of workers and preserving environment.
  • Developing of quality rules, in association with constructors, in the conception and realization of material and equipment moderns improving worldwide technologies the most efficient.

Aware of the necessity to guaranty security, MEDIACO associates with its initiative clients, partners, and professional associations to reach the zero accident as permanent aim.

MEDIACO is authorized to intervene on nuclear and chemical industrial sites.

Mediaco Lifting