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Explore the charts of our 55 LIEBHERR and SPIERINGS mobile tower cranes with boom capacities from 38.5 to 58.5 m.

These cranes are used for restricted spaces on construction sites, large lifting heights, heavy loads. They are as mobile as self-propelled cranes and have the same advantages as a tower crane.

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Characteristics of the Mobile Tower Crane

The mobile tower crane has the particularity of being quickly deployable on construction sites to perform lifting and handling operations. It can be deployed or folded in a few minutes without requiring dismantling or specialized technical intervention. Unlike tower cranes, which in most cases will be positioned in the same place until the end of the work.

This specific lifting crane differs from a classic mobile crane with a much greater range.

Our fleet is mainly composed of Liebherr MK and Spierings mobile tower cranes with a capacity of 6 to 8 tons. They provide an optimal solution for sites that are difficult to access or that require a large lifting height.

In order to have access to all construction sites, the mobile tower crane has several steering programs with axles that are directional. It requires only one person for all operations in a fully equipped cabin.

The mobile tower crane is used on construction sites to perform lifting operations on roofs, installation and removal of elements, etc. Areas of use include urban construction sites with little space available, construction sites, renovation, demolition, renovation of balconies and terraces.

It is effective on construction sites, either as a lifting device for small works or for certain operations or as an auxiliary crane, mobilized for well-defined lifts.

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